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It is the sheer magnificence of Nature here that thrills our guests again and again.

European bison

Europe’s heaviest surviving land animal is coming back: European bison, also known as wisent, are being released in the Rothaar mountains. Within the framework of a unique reintroduction project, these bison previously threatened with extinction are now returning to their original habitat here. The goal of re-establishing a wild bison population can only be reached by ensuring their sustainable survival. By the beginning of the twentieth century these glorious animals were almost extinct because their majestic beauty, impressive size and – last but not least – their rarity, had made them highly desirable hunting trophies. This is therefore one of Europe’s most important species protection projects: after an intensive rehabilitation phase, wild bison will be freely roaming the forests again here for the first time in 850 years! It is also planned to keep some of these wonderful animals in captivity: twelve of them in an enclosed area of 35 hectares will delight not only the Jagdhof guests. Wisente, Rothaargebirge -

Hohenroth game enclosure

The beautiful red deer living in this region are so shy that you can hardly ever see them. But Hilchenbach forestry office and Hohenroth timberland association have solved this problem by opening a 50-hectare deer enclosure around Hohenroth forester’s lodge. Protected by 2.8 kilometres of fencing, two stags and thirteen hinds now live in these woodlands at the source of the Netphe. They not only enjoy plenty of natural space and rest areas here, but are also more easily seen by visitors. Waldland, Hohenroth -