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  • Once upon a time...

    There was a mighty king who had a charming daughter.
    She was his only child, and he pampered her boundlessly.
    But she had one wish still unfulfilled -
    To make her dream of “something special” come true.

  • So she embarked upon her search, and met a fairy who told her:
    ”Go into the forest – follow the animals, and be assured –
    You will certainly find something special”.
    She did as she was told, and lo and behold:
    Completely unexpectedly – in a clearing – she came across a beautiful house.
    It seemed so special that she approached nearer and nearer, full of curiosity.

  • The house was brightly lit. Warm rays of light shining from the windows seemed to call:
    ”Come in, we were expecting you, here’s where you’ll find your something special“

  • After a wonderful feast, the princess rubbed her eyes and felt so tired
    From her long search for something special,
    That they invited her to stay, and prepared for her a wonderful bed,
    Covered with the finest linen.
    Then she fell into a deep and dreamless slumber – for her dream had indeed come true.