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Self-help group XP friends – Moonchildren

How it all began:

One night in October 2005, hotelier Edmund Dornhöfer at the Jagdhof Glashütte in Wittgenstein was unable to sleep. So he started clicking through the TV programmes and around 3 a.m. came (certainly by destiny rather than by chance) upon a report about moonchildren (suffering from xeroderma pigmentosum, XP). He could hardly believe his eyes that such a sickness exists at all, but watched attentively and was deeply moved. “I’ll have to do something about this”, he thought.

As good as his word, Edmund Dornhöfer lost no time in contacting XP specialist Dr. Mark Berneburg at Tübingen University Clinic, Germany’s centre of reference for XP.

Toward the end of October the telephone rang one evening. Edmund Dornhöfer had decided to invite all 50 of Germany’s moonchildren to his Jagdhof Glashütte hotel in Bad Laasphe. He wanted to give them a good time for once, away from their day-to-day XP routine. He found it important thereby to get together with them and their families first and exchange notes informally – just as important as having a good time.

The children and their families were impressed not only by the spontaneous warmth of everyone at the Jagdhof, but also by the unforgettable atmosphere of comfort, peace and acceptance. In every corner there was something to discover, everything was so lovable and appealing. Then everyone was invited to a wonderful banquet in the cosy oriel room – and they enjoyed every minute of this delicious repast.
This annual get-together took place for the twelth time in 2017 – to the great delight of everyone at the Jagdhof.

The Wisent World Wittgenstein

In North Rhine-Westphalia Rothaargebirge Wittgenstein was on 11 April 2013 Siegen a herd consisting of a bull, five cows and two pups ausgewildert.Die herd had already in March 2010 in an 80-hectare enclosure reintroduction gelebt.Zu scientific locally and legal requirements for the reintroduction, the fulfillment of which was reviewed in this time, counted among other things that a natural flight behavior and the natural flight distance achieved musste.Ende December 2012 then gave the country's environment Ministry in Dusseldorf approval for reintroduction into the free nature.The herd was equipped with GPS transmitters to locate for a transitional period of two to five years. You should have a size of 25 animals initially anwachsen.Alle the herd belong to the lowland-Caucasian line. The Jagdhof supports this unique project.

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The FHG - promotion for the hotels and restaurants in the directly area

The FHG - promoters of the hospitality industry trainees and employees e.V. - promotes the gastronomic talent in cuisine and service through training and career support, with the aim to qualify the young publishers as highly trained executives for kitchen management or restaurant management



FöJoCa - in the fight against blood cancer

José Carreras put it this way: "Leukaemia must be curable Always and every time.."

To achieve this goal it is to support very important science and research for this disease by all means.

This has been the club the task of financial support for science and research. They are now trying to implement projects through donations and sponsorships, whose net proceeds go exclusively to institutions and foundations, which gives the scientific work a significant share of their duties.

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