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Relais & Châteaux

Relais & Châteaux is an exclusive collection of 480, marked by charming hotels and gourmet restaurants in more than 58 countries. The Association was founded in France in 1954, has its own special art de vivre, by bringing together world outstanding properties, which are distinguished by their uniqueness. Furthermore, Relais & Châteaux is a family of hoteliers and Grands Chefs from different influences, which bring together the passion and personal commitment to let their guests moments of exceptional harmony, an unforgettable celebration of the senses.

the most beautiful destinations of the vineyards in Napa valley to the beaches in Bali, from the olive trees in Provence to the lodges in South Africa, Relais & Châteaux offers for discovering each special place and country.
The signature of Relais & Châteaux reflects this ambition:

Relais And Chateaux

„ALL of the world, specially of the world.“


Your NRW - tourismn of Nord-Rhein-Westfalen

On foot or by bike to explore the country - in North Rhine-Westphalia is a real treat. An extensive network of quality trails and excellent cycle paths run over the wooded heights, through vast parklands and through the idyllic floodplain our active events invite to join.

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Dein Nrw

QL Hotels & Restaurants

charming by nature

QL Hotels & Restaurants offers a compilation of small, exceptional and authentic hotels & restaurants in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands Antilles: Culinary delights and very individual accommodations go hand in hand with the QL Hotels & restaurants connected top hotels. The (peak) chefs work primarily with seasonal, local ingredients and spoil you with culinary treats and delights. The hotels & restaurants, often with a remarkable architecture, boast a wonderful location surrounded by nature - the water, embedded in meadows and forests - or in romantic corners of cities. Many of consistently luxurious hotels offer something special as an extraordinary art collection, a cooking school, wine tasting, spa, tennis court, swimming pool, conference rooms, or even its own golf course. Discover what QL Hotels & restaurants all can offer you! Set in Germany QL Hotels & Restaurants are located more than three hours by car from the German-Dutch-Belgian-Luxembourg border. QL Hotels & Restaurants is a member of Quality Lodgings.

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The Rothaarsteig union e.V. - a speciality union

From a - as Thomas Weber from Schmallenberg it bluntly worded - "wild Handful 'enthusiastic Rothaarsteig creator a premier club with over 40 strong members has long been. These are essentially six counties, 24 cities and towns, Touristikverbände- and clubs, walking clubs and the forest administrations in the three-country border of North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse and Rhineland-Pfalz.Sie all have done nothing else than the Rothaarsteig to to make a jewel among German travel and hiking destinations. What he has become too!

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Wonderful Germany

a nice place to walking is a website of the German Hiking Association Service GmbH. Here trails, hiking regions, certified quality way and Quality Hiking Germany and many exciting topics will be presented around the hiking. We appreciate your interest. The German Hiking Association Service GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of the German Hiking Association and supports this with its diverse activities.

The German Hiking Association (DWV) is made for 130 years for the interests of hikers - an umbrella organization of 58 German mountain and hiking clubs with around 600,000 members.


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The Touristik union of the county Siegerland-Wittgenstein

You can inform of the complettly area

The Tourist Board has maps, brochures and useful tips about our region for you. Inform among themselves


The centrum for cars ... P&A - Luxus for all

Since 1950 makes Preckel GmbH & Co. KG customers with style mobile. The success story of the family business began with the Renault dealership in Krefeld Virchowstraße, which is still the headquarters.

Today the car center P & A / Preckel's leading car partner in the Rhineland.
With ten locations around the state capital Dusseldorf and nine strong brands under one roof no mobile customer wishes remain unfulfilled.

P & A is the name of the owner, but also for the cheapest, attractive vehicles and services you would expect in our professional car world.
The top priority is to keep our customers satisfied at all times with the different automotive worlds. Our experts have excellent knowledge of having "their" brand. They will listen to you carefully and offer you the for your own personal purposes right vehicle to.

With experience and enthusiasm, we are here for you; numerous employees for over 20 years, some even more than 50 years.

Dabei gilt heute wie vor 60 Jahren: Ihre Wünsche stehen immer im Mittelpunkt!

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Golfclub Wittgenstein

The Golfclub Wittgensteiner Land was founded in 2008 by a small group of golf enthusiasts, in order to be able to pursue one of the most beautiful sports in the world in Wittgenstein. The club has a strong focus on our region.
"We want to be consciously a down-to-earth association in which everyone can feel comfortable." We will be pleased to present an honest, cool bottle of beer on the clubhouse terrace every champagne matinee. "
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After some ten years of preparatory work, a group of wisents was released into the freedom of the Wittgenstein forests in April 2013 - this is unique for whole Western Europe. The initiative for the resettlement of Europe's largest land mammals threatened with extinction went from Richard Prinz to Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg.
The species protection project in the Rothaargebirge is an important contribution to the conservation of species threatened with extinction. Wisente are the largest land mammals in Europe.
In many other countries, similar initiatives have emerged as a result of the Bad Berleburger Wisent project, which benefit from the experiences and the scientific results in the Rothaargebirge.
The Wittgensteiner Wisente have thus become a highly respected reference project in all of Europe.
Since the free-living herd normally withdraws from the view of humans, a "peephole" has been created with the "wisent wilderness at the Rothaarsteig" in the species protection project.
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