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Sightseeing in Wittgenstein is incredibly varied. You will feel like a child discovering the world again.

Radio museum

Hans Necker’s International Radio Museum in Bad Laasphe is unique worldwide. His collection of historical radio sets gives a comprehensive overview of the technical origins and development of wireless communication. Out of about 3000 sets in total, a thousand radio sets are on show at any one time, plus 350 exhibits entitled “Radio curiosities”.

Fungus museum

Officially opened 1987 in the "Haus des Gastes", the fungus museum was primarily initiated by mushroom expert Heinrich Lücke. Back in the 1970s, numerous guests on his instructive excursions had already expressed a wish for fungus demonstrations independent of the weather. The fungus museum in Bad Laasphe was realized on the strength of his contact with Dr. Markus Hallermeier, who had succeeded in freeze-drying mushrooms. Meanwhile almost 700 different species are on show here, mainly from the Bad Laasphe area but also including exotic fungi from other regions. Such a comprehensive overview of the entire mushroom species is otherwise only possible in very few large museums worldwide. The Bad Laasphe fungus museum therefore plays a key role as mycological know-how centre in Germany.

Breitenbach dam and reservoir

Between Dahlbruch and Allenbach (access across the dam) is Breitenbach drinking water reservoir, with a capacity of 7.8 million cubic metres. Since 2004 the 5.5 km footpath around this reservoir has an information trail with five large displays explaining the regional drinking water supply history and interesting data on the dam itself.

The dam "Obernautalsperre"

Obernautal drinking water reservoir, holding 15 million cubic metres, is the largest in the Siegerland district and attracts pleasure-seekers from near and far. Around the lake is an asphalted path 11 kilometres long opening up beautiful views over the water to the wooded slopes. Obernautalsperre -

The cave "Atta-Höhle" - The King of the Dripstone Caves

More than 40 million visitors from all over the world have so far been drawn to what is Germany’s largest and probably most attractive dripstone cave, the Atta cave. Hundreds of thousands every year clamber down through the 80-metre long access gallery into the colourful world of stalactites, stalagmites and stalagmates. Discover this fascinating limestone paradise in the southern Sauerland, the largest interconnected cave system in Germany.