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Jagdhof Exclusive - Unique experiences


Ballooning is one of the last nostalgic adventures of our time. An experience that no one will forget and everybody has dreamed of. Certainty, it would be a nice gift to your beloved once and for sure it has also superior value to other gifts. Starting smoothly from our large meadow in front of the hotel you will enjoy gliding soundless through the sky. Admire the special attractions that holds the ballooning in all seasons. After your first balloon ride you will be baptized as a real balloonist following the ancient tradition from the year 1783. From a “simple aardvark” (so called all non-balloonist) to a balloonist. The tradition comes with earth, fire, and sparkling wine.

Deer Calling Tasso Wolzenburg

The hunting call – thus called also the deer call - is a for centuries known tradition. The aim of onomatopoeia is to lure out the alpha male from the rutting place by imitation of a rival. Especially created ox horns, ranellidae casing, glass cylinder, the Heracleumrohr (the hollow stems of giant hogweed) and a series of manmade instruments serve to strengthen the sound.

Helicopter Tours

Are you looking for an unusual and marvelous experience? We will fulfill your dream of a flight with a helicopter over the forests of Wittgenstein. See the region of Wittgenstein from a another perspective: Flying with a helicopter is a particular adventure! Feel the independency – Explore and discover your skills and have your own challenge by pilot your helicopter (!). Take a scenic flight, a non-binding trial flight or spend a day as a pilot. In Jagdhof nothing is impossible!