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Wiener Kaffee


Wiener Kaffee - Viennese Coffee

In 1662 the portuguese Catherine of Braganza, the wife of King Charles II, brought the tea to the english court for the first time.
According to the legend, a maid of the Queen Victoria (1819-1901), the Duchess of Bedford, invented afternoon Tea. Because she was always hungry between lunch and dinner, she had tea and bread and butter served around 4pm. In the course of time, she invited her friends to the tea and now also small cakes and sandwiches served. Very quickly this practice spread throughout the English kingdom, became a tradition and soon became an everyday occurrence. The British Teatime has been known world-wide since then.

Enjoy small sandwiches, bagels, scones
with clotted cream, jam, english teaspoon and small muffins
with a glass of the finest champagne
38,00 € per person

Classic-Tea-Time "Hubertus-Style"
forest herb sandwich, pastry and sweet
and a glass of port wine
28,00 € per person

The finest selected teas from Eilles
every first Sunday of the month
from 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm

reservation needed

The large Jagdhof - cake buffet. Enjoy the special "Jagdhof-Zuckerl", the sweet temptation from our patisserie! Not simple, but many things!




Opening hours

Our restaurant for the Viennese Cafe is open for you 
Saturday and Sunday from 14:30pm.

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