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Ars Vivendi


Ars Vivendi

Our "Ars Vivendi" gourmet restaurant, awarded with several Michelin stars since the year 2000, is the culinary jewel of the Jagdhof gastronomy. Our young "Soul Kitchen" team conjures up real culinary masterpieces on the plate. The ambiance of this refined restaurant is the perfect setting for an ever-changing culinary experience of award-winning changing guest chefs. 

After our first guest chef Preetam Singh Sodi from India, our second guest chef Fabio Cirillo from the Amalfi Coast and our third guest chef Christopher Sakoschek (nominated for Chef of the Year) from Austria, the Greek top chef Nikos Patsioras, from the regional district Evros, cooked special delicacies and modern specialties from December 2017 to January 2018 at the Jagdhof.

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