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Winter romance


Romantic winter

When the temperature drops and first snowflakes fall, everything becomes quieter at the Jagdhof. At this special time we are getting ready… for the eternal lovers nestling with their cocoa in front of the crackling Hubertus fireplace, for the winter sports enthusiasts waxing their skis or taking a stroll in the snow, for the family getting a big carrot in the kitchen for their snowman’s nose. And above all for Father Christmas, because we know just how much he loves to come to our festively decorated Jagdhof…

Winter enjoyment in the snow-covered Siegerland and Wittgenstein landscapes

Indoor and outdoor winter joys

Come and relax around our fireside, perhaps with a good book or among friends, meanwhile marvelling at the silver light of the wintry sun in our surrounding woodland wonderland.

To actively enjoy yourself, you can for example come on one of our winter walks or guided snowshoe tours through the Wittgenstein forest snowscape. And for cross-country skiing, try the Rothaar loipe at 700 m.a.s.l. or take your choice among 275 km of narrow ski trails criss-crossing the snowy mountains and woods. While cross-country skiing and hiking will certainly give you an unforgettable impression of our beautiful winter highland scenery around the Jagdhof Glashütte, you may want to try something faster. In this case you are very welcome on our twelve downhill runs with skilift.

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