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Regional & urban


Regional & urban

Purely from the geographical point of view, the fabulous forests of Wittgenstein border on the south-easterly tip of Sauerland. But what does that actually tell us? Quite simply: this is a vacation paradise set in the immense glory of untouched nature.

Far from the madding crowd, but all the more full of life – real life.


Siegen-Wittgenstein is one of Germany’s most afforested regions. In the variegated highland landscape, reaching up to 800 m.a.s.l., can be found the sources of the Sieg, Lahn and Eder rivers. Enthusiasts can practise more than 45 different sports here all year round, including football, tennis, paragliding, cross-country skiing, ice-skating, and of course cycling and hiking along about 3500 kilometres of marked paths.

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Bad Laasphe

The town of Bad Laasphe and its surrounding villages not only have a lot to offer, but are also interesting from the historical point of view. Bad Laasphe lies in the upper Lahn valley, in the former Wittgenstein district. The municipal area is located south-east of the main crest of the Rothaar range, part of the Rhineland slate hills, and borders in the north on the towns of Bad Berleburg and Erndtebrück, in the east on the town of Biedenkopf in Hessen, in the southeast on Breidenbach, in the south on Dietzhölztal and in the west on the town of Netphen. The highest elevation here, and in the entire southern Rothaar range, is Kompass mountain at 693.9 m.a.s.l. near the outlying centre of Heiligenborn. Its flanks are the source of the streams flowing through the municipal area: Bernshäuser Bach, Sohler Bach-Fischelbach, Gonderbach and Ilse. Not far south-west of Lahnhof, a small suburb to the east of Netphen, is the source of the Lahn river. (WIKIPEDIA)

Bad Laasphe has 14,510 inhabitants (as of 2009) and is partnered with the following towns:

  • Tamworth (England).
Chateauneuf sur Loire (France).
  • Löwenberg (Brandenburg)

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