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SPA Bath


SPA Bath

The best pampering you’ll get at the Jagdhof is by Mother Nature. Let the babbling Großenbach brook calm you. Listen to the twittering of the birds and the rustling of the trees. This is pure original bubbling wellness. In our spa baths you’ll experience a different kind of bubbling. Not only the pleasantly scented essences in soothingly warm water, not only your glass of champagne and your partner’s – the whole atmosphere is bubbling and tingling.

Jagdhof SPA Baths

We prepare all our luxurious herbal baths for you with sesame base oil and real farm cream, and hand you a glass of bubbling Jagdhof champagne or Kombucha.

Rose petal bath

Prepared with exquisite essences and fresh roses. The subtle energy of roses has a harmonizing effect that calms the heart, dispels nervous stress, and fills body and soul with light and joy.

Cleopatra beauty bath

Wittgenstein honey dissolved in a litre of fresh milk and added to the bathwater makes your skin soft and smooth, even the driest skin.

Eucalyptus bath

Oil from the leaves of the Eycalyptus Globulus tree smells fresh and invigorating. It stimulates your circulation, and during the cold winter season it is ideal for preventing or healing colds and flu.

Lavender bath

This sweetly floral, balsamic and woody scented oil is won from the blossoms and leaves of the Lavandula Angustifolia bush. It ideally relaxes you for fleeing everyday stress, and is not only calming and harmonizing, but also good for relieving pain and cramp.

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