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Our masseur Rudolf Niemann is an old hand, an absolute master above all in classic Swedish massage, sports massage and lymph drainage.

Our massage offers

At the Jagdhof you will be delighted with nature. Listen to the Großenbach soothing soak up the chirping birds and the rustling of the trees. This is wellness in its most original form. All massage treatments are subject to prior request and availability.

Hand reflexology massage

In the hand reflex zone massage specific areas of the hand are massaged with pressure. The body reacts with a general relaxation, but also in certain areas such as an organ or body part. And this works because the hand is an image of the body. The state of the great unity of man is reflected in the small unit hand - "reflects" The massage of a reflex point has a "remote effect" on an organ in the corresponding body zone. Reflexology uses a completely different system of "energetic" motorways in the body and follows in its order of human anatomy.
20min 40,00 EUR 

Sports massage

The sports massage is a classic massage. Your musculature is relaxed and relaxed
by toning massage techniques. Your body will be boosted and your athletic as well as everyday performance willbe regained.
30min 50,00 EUR
60min 90,00 EUR

Wellness massage

Gentle, full-body massage with elements from Asian energetic massages. Not only the muscles, but also the joints are loosened and relaxed. The chakras are at the forefront of the treatment.
30min 50,00 EUR
60min 90,00 EUR

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